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Tova Leigh's Video Rant on Body Goals

Watch This Woman Viciously Destroy the Phrase "Body Goals"

We need to talk about the phrase "body goals." More specifically, what does it even mean? In a recent impassioned rant, video blogger Tova Leigh completely eviscerated the frequently used term. Her refreshing video analyzed the pressure to look perfect as well and imparted some uplifting words to anyone currently feeling that pressure.

At the start of the video, the UK-based blogger spoke to the prevalent feeling that a balanced and happy body image is unattainable. "If you are an average woman, chances are that you have been made to feel either too fat or too thin," she said. Adding, "No matter how hard you try and how good you look, you can always look better."

As a mom of three, Tova then opened up about the pressure moms feel to "bounce back" in an unrealistic manner. She said, "What about all the sh*t people say to moms? 'You know, she gave birth like three minutes ago and still hasn't bounced back.'" After getting all of that off her chest, however, Tova ultimately ended her rant on a positive note. Watch the video in its entirety, above.

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