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What Is Laughter Yoga?

You'll Be Cracking Up Right Along With This Laughter Yoga Video

If you've ever taken a yoga class, you know that it's full of silence, breathing, and the softest playlist. Any disruptions result in death glares, especially if someone were to burst out in complete laughter. The Test Friends of BuzzFeed tried a whole different wellness technique where behavior like this is totally appropriate — laughter yoga. The instructor defines the exercise as "getting together and laughing for no reason." Although you won't break a sweat from a session, you'll definitely "break a chuckle." You'll catch yourself laughing right along while watching either because you're slightly uncomfortable, because the group's laughter is so contagious, or both. Either way, mission accomplished!

As silly as this variation of yoga may seem, the participants reported uplifting results at the end. Check out the video and try it out for yourself!

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