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Why Running With a Friend Is the Best

Here's How 2 Running Besties Make the Time and Miles Fly Together

Running is better with a friend, so we've partnered with adidas Ultraboost running shoes to make every mile a pleasure.

When fitness enthusiasts and influencers Kim Strother and Danielle Acoff met on a shoot, it was laughs at first sight. They soon became inseparable, and their friendship has something of a side hustle; they are committed running buddies, too. "Coffee or brunch after is the main motivation," says Danielle, who is a dancer, model, yoga instructor, and a Pilates devotee (meaning the rest of us definitely have time to fit in a run). Together, Danielle and Kim, a personal trainer and fitness model, hit the sidewalks of downtown LA several times a week. Here's how they make every run a social occasion.

Getting Started

Kim and Danielle share a love of "all things movement" but possess quite different running styles. While Danielle loves to break out short sprints, Kim prefers the moving meditation of longer runs. It's a winning combination, training-wise. "When Danielle and I run together she's usually pushing me to sprint, and I make her keep going afterwards," says Kim. And as for getting out the door in the first place, Kim is . . . persuasive. "She just shows up at my door and forces me to run with her!" says Danielle.

Moving Meditation

Despite knee and hip surgery, Kim still runs three to five miles at a time. It's a complement to the high-impact workouts she enjoys, and has also been a way to familiarize herself with LA after recently relocating from New York. "Running has always been my escape," she says. "If I am stressed out or having a bad day, throwing on my sneakers and going for a run is always the cure. I feel energized after a run. It's meditative, so my mind is clear and I feel like I can handle anything. Overall, running keeps me sane."


Running Rewards


Danielle, a self-described "lover of all things movement" recently began running to her Pilates studio. "I really enjoy the burst of energy and cardio before class starts." That energy is not just physical; if these women ever take a break, it's because they crack each other up. "Danielle has the best energy. She's always up for anything, and makes me laugh the entire time we are together," says Kim.

Both women prove that "runner" is a highly individualized term. But there's one area where they overlap perfectly — their shoes. They go with adidas' Ultraboost and Ultraboost X for comfort, durability, and energy return. For Kim, the Ultraboost X shoe has been a post-surgery "game changer": "I've bought every in-step and custom orthotic possible and was still having so much pain that I basically stopped running for a while," she says. "I got a pair of Ultraboost X as a gift and not only has the pain gone away, but I'm able to run again because of them." Adds Danielle, "My Ultraboost shoes are so light and comfy. I love how supportive they are."


According to Danielle, "The body achieves what the mind believes." Especially when the mind believes that there is food at the finish line. "We always make plans around food," says Kim. "Workout, then brunch, lunch, or dinner!" Now this is a training plan we can get behind.

Credits: Photography: Kat Borchart; Art Direction: Shanna Greenberg; Production: Susannah Orchard; HMU Art: Mellody Vere

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