Amy Schumer Sent a Fake Cease-and-Desist Letter to Her Trainer After an Intense Workout

We've all felt personally victimized by an intense workout before, but leave it to Amy Schumer to actually threaten to take legal action over one. On a recent episode of her podcast, 3 Girls, 1 Keith, the comedian shared a story about the time she jokingly sent her personal trainer, AJ Fisher, a cease and desist letter after a workout session that was a little more extreme than what she hoped it would be.

After inviting AJ to be a guest on the show, Amy shared a photo of the fake letter on Instagram and claimed that she'd been threatening to send it for months before finally getting to it. "It has come to our attention that while Ms. Schumer has engaged you to perform simple physical training for her, you have instead forced Ms. Schumer to perform extreme and unduly punishing physical exercises well outside the bounds of normal physical training," the letter reads. "Your blatant disregard of Ms. Schumer's physical well-being can only be interpreted as a deliberate effort to cause Ms. Schumer emotional distress, potential physical injury, and lost revenue. It may even be determined to be a violation of her human rights."

It continues, "Accordingly, demand is hereby made that you immediately cease and desist such torment of Ms. Schumer and modify your personal training sessions to ameliorate such pain and suffering." The letter ends with Amy's lawyer's threatening to "seek all legal remedies necessary to protect her rights to the fullest extent fo the law" in the event that AJ continues to cause "emotional distress," but thankfully, it was all in good fun. Read the full letter below for a good laugh.