Step Up Your Home Workouts *and* Interior Decor With This At-Home Ballet Barre

With the pandemic forcing many people to adapt their fitness routines to the confines of their homes, exercise typically done in class settings — like spinning or barre — has gone virtual. But often you still need specific equipment to make the most of your workout.

Now, thanks to Andrea Leigh Rogers, you can level up your home gym setup to include an actual ballet barre. The Xtend Barre founder just released an at-home barre that looks as much like a chic, decorative piece of furniture as it does exercise equipment.

You can choose from three different design options — all metal, all acrylic, or metal and acrylic. But no matter which you choose, it will only enhance your interior decor. Rogers's personal favorite is the acrylic with gold aluminum sides, for both visual and practical reasons.

"This is our most popular barre as it provides stability and functionality, while also providing a stunning aesthetic," she told POPSUGAR.

The ALR Barre is available in two widths, 36 inches and 48 inches, and both are the same height of about 42 inches. According to Rogers, it is best suited for dance practice, virtual barre classes, and daily stretching, since it is free-standing and non-weight-bearing. The price ranges based on size and material, but it starts at $250 for the 36-inch all metal option.

Though the different sizes vary in weight, it was important to Rogers that the barres be lightweight and easy to move from room to room, since she shares hers with her two daughters.

"The ALR Barre is the result of many years of my dream to create an at-home ballet barre that would be as aesthetically appealing as it was functional," Rogers said. "I wanted a barre that would serve as a base of support for all barre and dance needs while still providing the beauty of a timeless piece of furniture that will fit into everyone's home."

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