Watch Athlete and Fitness Influencer Demi Bagby Do 21 Flips in a Row (For 2021)

It might have felt like we were tumbling into 2021 with no sign of stopping, but fitness influencer and athlete Demi Bagby actually flipped into the new year — with 21 flips, no less! Above, watch her alternate between back handsprings and backflips on the sand (not exactly an easy place to tumble, that's for sure). She sneaks in a few roundoffs as well, and, by our calculations, if she's counting the roundoffs and that flip off the concrete slab in the beginning, she completed 22 moves total, which takes not only pure skill but strength, too.

Given her cheerleading background, it all makes sense! "Flipping into 2021 strong with 21 flips," Bagby wrote on Instagram. "Cheers to this being OUR year and crushing it together!" You'll find even more incredible videos from her on TikTok, where she has amassed over 13 million followers. And please, for us (and the sake of your well-being), don't try this at home!