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A Full-Body Dance Workout to Drake's "Toosie Slide" | Video

Can't Stop Doing Drake's "Toosie Slide" Dance? Try This Full-Body Workout Set to the Song

Oh, you already mastered Drake's "Toosie Slide" dance? Then allow us to introduce your next challenge: this full-body workout set to the TikTok-famous song. Recently shared by fitness influencer Maddie Lymburner (aka MadFit), the routine requires zero equipment and can be done right in your living room. So yep, you've got zero excuses not to try it out!

Whereas the track's catchy "right foot up, left foot slide" chorus typically calls for just lifting your feet slightly off the ground, Lymburner's take requires more exaggerated moves like high knees, followed by a series of pulsing squats, twisted mountain climbers, and more. The choreographed workout lasts as long as the song itself — just over four minutes, to be exact — so we wouldn't blame you for wanting to run through it a few times in a row to really get that heart rate up and break a sweat at home.

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