Healthy Travel Tips From a Globetrotting Professional Surfer

Not many people understand the challenge of staying healthy while traveling more than professional surfer Lakey Peterson. As a part of the World Surf League (WSL) Women's World Tour, Lakey rarely gets a moment to catch her breath in between surf contests from Brazil to Fiji and tons of other international locales.

But when you're a professional athlete, especially with surfing — which is a total-body workout — it's imperative that you maintain peak physical form. Lakey in particular lives an incredibly healthy lifestyle, both at home and on tour — while spending some time with her at her home in Santa Barbara, I got a little insight into her diet and exercise habits.

From snacking on the plane to resistance workouts at the hotel, Lakey's got a great set of tips that can work for anyone hoping to stay fit on a long trip.

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Roll Out at the Airport

"I travel with a foam roller, so at the airport, I always roll out and stretch before I jump on the flight. Its pretty funny actually; people look at me like I am crazy."

Stretch on the Plane

"I get up and walk around a lot when I am on planes. I like to stretch a little bit as well. Just simple things — touch my toes, do some rotation twists. Compression breaths are really good to get your rib cage reset after sitting for a little while. If you are on a long flight, get up and walk around every few hours if you can."

BYO Flight Snacks

"Bring some of your own snacks on flights; I love bringing avocados and trail mix. I try to make my own snacks, just because that way I know exactly what is in everything and what I am putting in my body. Exercise isn't everything . . . eating well is equally if not more important. Be aware of what you are putting in your body!"

Drink Extra Water

"Traveling on planes dehydrates you, so you want to be drinking even more water than normal."

Always Work Out Post-Flight

"Stretch and foam roll. Always do a workout when you get off of a flight! It helps with jet lag, and feels good to sweat."

Pack Some Lightweight Exercise Gear

"I always pack resistance bands and a jump rope when I travel. That way I can do workouts pretty much anywhere I go."

Celebrate Your Health

"Being healthy and having the option to work out and eat well is such a blessing. My biggest tip is to take advantage of that! If you're in a place where you can get outside and get some exercise, do it! Don't take that for granted."

For recipes, tips, and more from Lakey, visit her blog, The Salty Coconut.