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How Lexi From Cheer Got Back on the Navarro Cheer Team

Lexi From Cheer Needed a "Second Chance" to Return to Navarro, and She Told Us How It Happened

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Near the end of the the absolute rollercoaster of emotion that was the finale of Netflix's riveting docuseries Cheer, viewers were handed a heartbreaking revelation: Lexi Brumback, the beat-of-her-own-drum tumbler out of Houston, wouldn't be returning to Navarro College's cheer team for her second year. Lexi had a troubled past that included run-ins with the law, but her kind heart, passion for cheer, and determination to be true to herself quickly made her a fan favorite. At the end of the series, viewers learned that Lexi was in a car in which illegal substances were allegedly found. Navarro's coach, Monica Aldama, enforced a zero-tolerance policy, and Lexi confirmed that she was no longer on the team after the incident.

About a week after the series premiere, though, viewers rejoiced to learn that Lexi was back on the Navarro squad after all, when the tumbler posted an Instagram photo alongside fellow team members Jerry, Dillon, and TT. "Honey, I'm home," Lexi captioned the image. And she hashtagged #fiofmu, a motto whose meaning is known only to other Navarro cheerleaders and alumni. That confirmed it: Lexi was back!

How did it all go down, though? Did Monica really give her that elusive second chance? According to Lexi, that's exactly what happened. "This past Fall semester, I went to go to a different college and . . . I just didn't feel at home, and I didn't really feel like I had that family I did here in Navarro," Lexi told POPSUGAR. "My parents, as well as my old coaches, had reached out to Monica about me coming back and she was open about giving me a second chance."

It just feels right to see Lexi back in Navarro's black and red, hopefully making a run for another Daytona victory, and the talented tumbler feels the same way. "I came back and I'm really glad that I did," she said. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

Please join us as we cry for joy and relive some of Lexi's best Navarro moments ahead. Also, Lexi, Jerry, Morgan, and La'Darius are all back at Navarro, so. . . Netflix, when is season two coming out?

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