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How Running Can Boost Confidence and Character For Girls

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Arming women and girls with the tools they need to feel confident and empowered is what Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell is all about. Her vehicle for inspiring change? Running. "Running gives them a way to proactively take steps toward building a goal," she said. "In doing so, they're also building character."

Not only did Peralta-Mitchell go from casual runner to certified run coach, but she also started her own business, VCPM Inc., which is dedicated to lifting up women through an empowering run community. Her mission is to inspire young women of color to run after their dreams. And she aims to redefine what leaders look like in the process. Watch the video to see Peralta-Mitchell in action, and hear how she's showing women their limitless potential.

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Creating change starts within our own communities. We've partnered with HOKA to show how one run coach is cultivating confidence in others from the inside out.