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How Running Helps This Activist Fight Homelessness

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Ever since Mireille Siné was young, she's felt the need to help others. Today, the activist and run-club member has combined her love for running with her passion for advocacy work. But while running for others is a major motivator for Mireille now, the Californian's run journey began as a way to take back her health after being diagnosed with lupus. It was the run community that — quite literally — helped Mireille get back on her feet, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

"I have so much appreciation for what my body can do," said Mireille, who's now a multimarathoner. Since then, she's dedicated herself to racing, fundraising, and advocating for the homeless community in her state. Her daily runs through Echo Park in LA remind her what's important and what she can do to help. "Running helps me be at my best," she said. "And when I'm at my best, that's when I feel like I can best contribute to people's lives." Watch the video to see Mireille in action and hear how running has inspired her to fight for change.

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Running can be a powerful vehicle for change. We've partnered with HOKA® to show how one marathoner uses her voice for advocacy through running.