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How to Put On Compression Socks

You’ll Never Struggle to Put On Compression Socks Again With These 4 Simple Steps

The whole point of compression socks is that they're tight — they're made of a superstrong elastic fabric that puts pressure on your legs to encourage blood flow. But that also makes them pretty tricky to put on. It is totally common to find yourself hopping on one foot in frustration, struggling to pull up the calf-high socks.

The physical therapists over at Bespoke Treatments can relate to your frustration. They recently shared a video on the Bespoke Treatments Instagram page breaking down a four-step method for easily putting on compression socks. Appropriately set to "Level Up" by Ciara, the video shows a PT demonstrating the surprisingly simple hack that involves turning each sock inside out before putting it on.

Next time you want to help reduce swelling in your legs and ankles without the headache of battling with a pair of socks, you can try out the Bespoke method by following the steps below.

  1. Grab the inside of the heel and pinch
  2. Pull the sock inside out, but don't let go of the heel pinch
  3. Put your foot in the sock
  4. Roll the sock up over your leg

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Image Source: Getty / sportpoint
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