Excuse Us While We Watch This Lady Gaga-Inspired Ballet Video on Repeat

Dancers everywhere have been inspired by Lady Gaga's latest album, Chromatica. We've seen skillfully upbeat routines and even some dance workouts overwhelmingly set to "Rain on Me," a collaboration with Ariana Grande. Gaga is known for churning out dance hits, so it's no surprise to see so many people getting up and moving to her songs. Two dancers, though, took it to the next level, creating a stunning ballet routine to Gaga's "Chromatica II" and "911" that stands apart from the crowd. Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside, both principal dancers at New York's American Ballet Theatre, shared an Instagram video of them dancing to Lady Gaga surrounded by nature, and the result is honestly stunning.

Watch as these two incredibly skilled dancers leap and twirl through the woods. The "Chromatica" interludes on the album are the perfect orchestral background for ballet, and as the sound builds in the transition from "Chromatica II" to "911," so does Boylston and Whiteside's dancing, culminating in flawless lifts and impressive jumps.

This routine, choreographed by Whiteside, comes as the two have been sharing virtual dance classes on Instagram. The New York dance pros have tapped several guest dancers to join them a few times a week, all while collecting donations for various charities and people in need. Check out more of Boylston's videos and Whiteside's videos on their Instagrams, and tune in to one of their classes to learn some ballet skills of your own.