Lee Kiefer's Euphoric Reaction to Her Historic Olympics Win Brings Pure Joy to My Soul

Lee Kiefer has made history. On July 25, the athlete earned Team USA's third gold medal of the Tokyo Olympics and the country's first-ever medal in the individual foil fencing category. She defeated reigning champion Inna Deriglazova, bringing home the country's third gold medal in the fencing sport period. When Kiefer pulled off her mask, spectators could practically feel her joyful energy through the screen. Her euphoric shouts of excitement are a top-tier moment of the games so far.

Aside from being a badass athlete, Kiefer is also a full-time medical student at the University of Kentucky. Her husband, Gerek Meinhardt, is a former Olympic competitor and secured the bronze medal for team foil in 2016. Kiefer said the ultimate prize is sharing her win with her loved ones. "It's such an incredible feeling that I share with my coach, I share with my husband, with my family, just everyone that's been a part of this," she said, according to ESPN. "I wish I could chop it up in little pieces and distributed it to everyone I love." See Kiefer's gold medal bout in the video ahead, as well as photos of her winning reaction.

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