I'm Just Really Living For Lizzo's Journey of Learning How to Do the Splits

Lizzo is adding a brand-new skill to her already-expansive résumé: doing the splits. The "Rumors" singer kicked off her journey to mastering the challenging maneuver in late October after hiring personal trainer and stretching coach Wade Bryant to learn the ropes. Now that, my friends, is what I like to call dedication!

It all started when Lizzo commented on one of Wade's TikTok videos, saying, "Aye stretch meee," and he quickly responded, "👀 say less 🏃🏾💨✈️." Just two weeks later, the two were meeting in a studio to go over the basics of nailing a split. Wade shared video footage from their first session, seen below, writing, "Weight really has nothing to do with training @lizzobeeating came ready to work! And I promise y'all she worked and screamed a few times..." Meanwhile, Lizzo also posted a clip showing her making some major progress. "DONT GET MAD WHEN I BUSS THE SPLITS AT UR FUNCTION 😤🔥🤸🏾‍♀️," she captioned the video. "I've NEVER been close to the splits in my life! One session w @wadebryant_ and I'm on my way!" To be clear, if Lizzo did the splits at one of my functions, I'd be completely honored and humbled, not mad one bit.

Read ahead to check out all the footage of Lizzo and Wade getting their stretch on, and stay tuned for more updates as she inches closer and closer to accomplishing her goal. Considering how much progress she's made thus far, we wouldn't be surprised if Lizzo was casually crushing a front split in her next performance or music video.

Lizzo and Wade started off by getting in some hamstring stretches in the studio.

Get it, Lizzo!

Talk about a full-circle moment, thanks to the connective powers of TikTok.

That smile says it all.

Another session down, and look how close she's getting!