We Totally Vibe With This Body-Acceptance Song Lizzo Shared on TikTok

Lizzo is thriving on social media with her plant-based recipes and powerful messages of self-love. She's a champion of body acceptance in every phase of her life, managing negativity and, instead, learning to thank her body for all it does.

In a new TikTok seen above, the singer teases a pretend "new single" with some pretty catchy lyrics. The song reminds us that our bodies are unique, and a little acceptance can go a long way. "My body is my body. Don't nobody got my body," Lizzo serenades the camera. "So I'ma enjoy this sh*t!" As she states in a video that preceded (and seemed to inspire) these motivating lyrics, "Bodies are not all designed to be slim with a six pack."

Lizzo says at the end, "I wish this was my new single, but it's not. I just made this up on the spot." We don't know about you, but we'd listen to it on repeat if it was the real thing! We're dubbing the song "Don't Nobody Got My Body," and we're ready to see it get fleshed out on Spotify for the world to hear! Who's with us?