Watch Soccer Freestyler Melody Donchet Do the Most Mesmerizing Tricks — While Wearing Heels

While many of us struggle to even walk in heels, Melody Donchet can walk and then some. She's a world-class freestyler from France who knows how to do amazing tricks with a soccer ball. Watch her twirl, flip, kick, and spin the ball like it weighs absolutely nothing in the video above. Her talent (and outfit) is on point!

When Donchet was 18, she ruptured the cruciate ligaments in her knee, which caused her promising soccer career to come to an end. But she found freestyle football (or freestyle soccer, as it's referred to in North America) a year later. "What started out as a hobby very quickly became a passion, and I soon forgot about wanting to play football," she said in a FIFA TV segment. She eventually made the sport her job, appearing on TV around the world and in live shows in France and Germany.

Donchet has racked up more than a handful of freestyle titles as a six-time world champion in the sport. Follow her on TikTok and Instagram for jaw-dropping freestyle soccer videos. Not all of them are done in heels, but they are still downright incredible.