Your Favorite Navarro Cheerleaders Just Dished About Life After Cheer in a Twitter Q&A

Cheer-lovers, if you've ever wondered what Jerry's favorite food was or how La'Darius felt when his brother watched him compete in Daytona, the athletes from the Navarro College cheer squad are here to answer. On Wednesday, Gabi Butler, Jerry Harris, La'Darius Marshall, and Coach Monica Aldama sat down to answer some questions from their Twitter followers and make us even more obsessed with them . . . and yas, Jerry gave some quality mat talk.

Since the Netflix docuseries Cheer premiered earlier this month, fans instantly fell in love with the team spirit and became seriously invested in the athletes' personal backstories — even SNL had a skit about the show! Now, the teammates are getting even more personal answering fan questions. Read on to see what Monica said keeps her at Navarro, what they've all been up to since the show wrapped, and so much more.

Gabi, Jerry, La'Darius, and Monica Introducing the Twitter Q&A

What Celebrity Would They Most Want to Join Navarro Cheer?

We Could All Use a Little Jerry Mat Talk!

What's the Most Embarrassing Thing to Happen to Gabi During a Competition?

What Keeps Monica Returning to Navarro Every Year?

How Did La'Darius Feel Watching His Brother Watch Him Competing at Daytona?

Is There More Pressure on Navarro to Win Because of the Show?

Can Jerry Be All of Our Best Friends? Please?

What Advice Do They Have For Someone Getting Back Into Cheer?

What Are All of Their Favorite Foods?