Pharrell Says He Can Do a 5-Minute Plank, and I'm Inclined to Believe Him

At this point, you could tell me Pharrell Williams can fly and I'd probably believe it. There seems to be nothing that this *clears throat* rapper-producer-singer-songwriter-actor-entrepreneur-designer can't do, so it doesn't surprise me at all to add impressive core strength to his list of accomplishments.

How do we know Pharrell has abs of steel? Well, today the multi-hyphenate posted a bundle of Instagram images with the caption "5 min plank." So, that's pretty self-explanatory. Scroll through the images — which include a couple selfies, a cartoon shark, and a real-life ray — and you get to a screenshot of a timer, paused at the five-minute mark. There will be time later to analyze the random pictures and the hidden message I can only assume they contain, but for now, I'm still hung up on the five-minute plank part. Five minutes! I held a 30-second plank yesterday and my body was vibrating like an electric toothbrush. Five minutes is absurd.

Now, part of me wants to demand photographic or video evidence, but again, this is Pharrell. Are we really doubting he can hold a plank for five minutes? The man hasn't visibly aged in 20 years. I reiterate my earlier point that he can probably defy the laws of gravity. Frankly, I'm already getting ready to rewrite this post in six months when he announces he held a plank for 10 minutes. And, you know, wrote half an album while he was at it.