I Can't Stop Watching These Ballet Dancers Slay Their Routines Set to "Savage"

You've undoubtedly seen those "Savage" dance challenge videos all over social media this year, but have you witnessed a ballerina's take on it yet? Since March, ballet dancers far and wide have been sharing their own routines set to the catchy Megan Thee Stallion song and its new remix featuring Beyoncé. The videos are pretty darn on point — or shall we say en pointe? — and from the looks of it, Megan herself seems to agree.

While some dancers have chosen to mimic the same arm and hip movements moves the OG challenge calls for, others have put their own flair on it, adding sexy booty pops and graceful relevés, arabesques, and pirouettes. Big names in the ballet world, such as Harper Watters and Isabella Boylston, have gotten in on the trend and inspired other up-and-coming ballerinas to follow suit. Ahead, see some of the best "Savage" ballet routines that have been shared on Instagram and TikTok so far, and prepare to be mesmerized.