Like a True Gymnast, Shawn Johnson Is Out Here Holding Handstands 4 Months Postbaby

Shawn Johnson got back in the gym three months after having a baby to test out her gymnastics skills. In the video, which you can see in full here, she explains that her center of gravity and awareness in the air seemed off. However, she eased into it with some front flips on the trampoline and attempted kip mounts on the uneven bars (Johnson said her core strength wasn't built up enough for those yet), full turns on beam, and a series of backflips on the tumble track.

Now, Johnson is back to show us that she's gaining more strength and, as if we didn't already know, that she's a total badass athlete. In the recent video she shared to Instagram above, the 28-year-old balances on her hands, alternating between a straight-bodied handstand and a handstand with her legs in double stag. "This is four months exactly after pregnancy, after birth," you'll hear Johnson's husband, Andrew East, say. The four-time Olympic medalist gave birth to daughter Drew via C-section on Oct. 29 of last year.

Johnson holds her handstand for about 20 seconds here, and she noted in that earlier YouTube video that she was able to hold it for 60 seconds before she was pregnant (her record is actually two-and-a-half minutes). From experience, holding a handstand requires you to engage your core so you don't break form and to squeeze your muscles from your glutes and quads all the way down to your toes. You have to push through your fingertips and shoulders, and it takes practice and, most importantly, balance. Johnson looks like a natural — because she is one — and she captioned her post, "Comeback 2020." She was joking, of course, but we wouldn't complain if the mom of one took her shot at another Olympics!