Watch Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Try to Name the Tokyo Olympic Gymnastics Team With Simone Biles

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If everything goes as planned, Simone Biles will be on the four-person women's Olympic gymnastics team for the United States — she still has to get through trials in June, but she's a shoo-in when you ask anyone familiar with the sport. In her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her upcoming Facebook Watch docuseries Simone vs Herself, Fallon tried to think of a name for the Olympic team.

You might recall past names — Magnificent Seven (1996), Fierce Five (2012), Final Five (2016) — and this year, the team is narrowed down to four total members (with two individual spots up for grabs). In the video above, Fallon suggested the following (while Biles giggled in response): the Fab Four; Fantastic Four; or, my personal favorite, Four Door. "The Four Door because you're gonna slam it," he remarked, which makes sense given that the US women have dominated two Olympics in a row.

"We definitely don't know what we're gonna be or who's gonna be on the team yet," Biles said. "It's always so much fun for the audience, and the fans to try to pick or guess the name that we picked." She recalled announcing the Rio Olympics team name after they won gold back in 2016; I can tell you that it was an incredible moment to watch as a spectator.

Biles currently trains six days a week (she has Sundays off), and does double sessions four of those days with naps in between. When asked about advice for young women, she told Fallon, "I would definitely say it doesn't matter where you start — it's where you're going and how you pick yourself back up from those falls. And just dream big, and then dream bigger after that, 'cause you never know where your dream will take you."