Watching Suni Lee Flip Over Sasha Farber on Dancing With the Stars Has Us Saying, "Me Encantó"

Last night on Dancing With the Stars, Suni Lee and her partner, Sasha Farber, vibrantly danced salsa to the song "Colombia, Mi Encanto" from the upcoming Disney movie Encanto, opening in theaters this Thanksgiving.

Wearing a floral flowy dress, Lee fluidly executed a front walkover with one hand holding Farber and the other hand on the ground, just 27 seconds into the performance. Fifty-three seconds in, Lee jumped into Farber's arms in a narrow straddle, seamlessly transitioning into a back walkover out of the lift with a short pause in a pin-straight handstand. Finally, at one minute and eight seconds, Lee cartwheeled over Farber — while holding onto his thighs for support. That's three flips in under 45 seconds!

In this context, "mi encanto" translates to "my love." So if you love salsa mixed with a little gymnastics, check out Lee and Farber's salsa from this week's episode of Dancing With the Stars. It will leave you saying, "Me encantó" ("I liked it")!