Curious About the Olympic Village? Athletes Are Giving Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses on TikTok

If you've ever had dreams of competing at the Olympics, you might've wondered what the athletes do when they're not vying for medals. The events (and practice) take up a fraction of the time athletes actually spend on their training grounds, which is why the host country sets them up with a vast Olympic Village campus and activities, plus a cafeteria that caters to a variety of cuisines and dietary accommodations.

COVID-19 restrictions have required organizers to adapt the Village, which means athletes from other countries aren't able to mingle as much as years past. However, TikToks from the Games show there's still plenty for competitors to do and enjoy during their off time. Athletes from all over the world are sharing videos on social media giving a glimpse of what a "day in the life" of an Olympian really looks like. See the Village from their perspective in the videos ahead.