Tom Daley Is Making Knitting Look Like the Next Big Olympic Event

Tom Daley's Olympic events in Tokyo may be over, but that won't stop him (or his knitting needles) from making a splash. The pro diver was recently spotted on the sidelines of the women's 3-meter springboard final on Aug. 1 and the men's 3-meter springboard preliminary round on Aug. 2 crafting his latest creations. As revealed in an Instagram story, Daley was knitting a purple doggy jumper for Izzy The Frenchie (@izzythe.frenchie) using a Knittingland (@knittingland) pattern, and then a cream-colored "Team GB" Olympic cardigan the next day.

Daley's love for knitting and crocheting started at the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown and has continued to be a bright spot as he trained for the Summer Games. "Learning to knit and crochet has helped me so much through these Olympics," he explained on his dedicated Instagram page @madewithlovebytomdaley. In fact, to celebrate his first-ever gold medal, Daley crocheted his award a cozy little sweater pouch. We'll be eagerly awaiting an update on what he's making next. For now, enjoy the photos ahead of Daley knitting in the Olympic stands like a pro.