Nia Dennis Re-creates Her Internet-Sweeping Beyoncé Floor Routine on Ellen — It's a Must-See!

First there was Katelyn Ohashi's famous floor routines, and now Nia Dennis has taken the internet by storm one video view at a time (over 800,000 on YouTube alone so far) with her personality-filled performance set to music from Beyoncé. We learned that it was in fact Nia's 21st birthday when she performed the specific routine on Feb. 23, which earned her .025 tenths of a point away from a perfect score. Nia, a junior at UCLA, garnered so much praise online — celebs like Gabrielle Union and Alicia Keys even chimed in — that she was called onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In her Ellen appearance, Nia talks about her past as an elite gymnast. She was a national team member from 2013 through 2015, according to her athlete bio for the seven-time-NCAA-championship-winning UCLA Bruins, and was training for the 2016 Rio Olympics. She ultimately tore her Achilles three months before the Games, halting that goal and led her toward collegiate gymnastics. "I really wanted to quit gymnastics," she explained. "But I had to really dig deep and find it within myself to know that just because one dream is gone, doesn't mean I'm gonna stop myself from achieving the rest of my dreams."

Above, watch Ellen surprise Nia with her 10-year-old sister, Maya, whom she hadn't seen since Christmas. Nia went on to perform a version of that Queen Bey routine everyone is talking about with modified tumbling, of course, but the same awesome dance moves. Her end pose where she places a pretend crown on her head is our new favorite power pose!