"Work Those Thighs So Hard" With Beyoncé's Ivy Park Beyrobics Workout Video

Beyoncé just released her second Adidas x Ivy Park collection, Drip 2: Black Pack, featuring pieces that can be sported while working out, while lounging around, or when you're in the mood to get dressed up for no reason. The campaign is flawless, but my absolute favorite post is her Beyrobics video.

"Welcome to my park. Everyone grab your weights. Today we're gonna do some Beyrobics to keep you thick and smiling," she says at the beginning of the '80s-inspired workout video. You'll do Beycep curls, push-ups, clamshells, and more, with words of encouragement from trainer Bey the entire time.

I couldn't stop laughing when she said lines like "We're gonna work those thighs so hard" while doing pelvic rocks. This video is pure comedy, and you'll want to watch it nonstop. If you're in need of a good laugh, want to see what the collection looks like in motion, or just want to watch Beyoncé have fun, check out the full video above.