Gymnast Emily Lee Climbed a Rope 1 Week After Achilles Surgery, and My Core Burns Just Watching

Senior Women's National Team member Emily Lee was injured during her gymnastics floor routine at last month's Olympic Trials when she fell hard from a double-twisting double backflip, leaving her with a ruptured achilles tendon.

Only one week after surgery for her injury, Lee proved she's already making a powerful recovery. She posted an impressive video of herself to Twitter climbing a rope using just her arms and core strength. In the video, we hear someone asking, "Are you ready?," and her reply, "I'm not," but she swiftly climbed to the top with onlookers cheering her on.

As for what's ahead, Lee wrote on her Instagram that she expected the road to recovery to be long and painful but said, "I do believe that I will come out of this stronger."