#ShareTheMedicalMic: Follow the Campaign Amplifying Black Women in Medicine

After the success of #ShareTheMicNow, an initiative aimed at expanding the dialogue around racial justice, two female physicians have launched a similar campaign to amplify Black voices in medicine. On July 22, the #ShareTheMedicalMic hashtag on Instagram was filled with posts from Black women physicians, in an effort to shed light on the racial disparities that still exist in healthcare.

The initiative was launched by doctors Renée Rodriguez Paro and Lauren Powell. Forty women from a variety of specialties signed over their Instagram accounts in order to give their Black colleagues a platform to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the Black community, including health conditions that disproportionately claim the lives of Black women like heart disease and maternal mortality. Just as important, the campaign brings attention to the lack of diversity and representation in medicine, and the ways racism seeps into the healthcare system.

We encourage you to explore the #ShareTheMedicalMic hashtag. Read, listen, and educate yourself on the topics presented, and be sure to follow the Black doctors who were involved in the campaign. Ahead, you'll find a full list of the doctors who participated, as well as a glimpse at some of the conversations sparked by this initiative. The names of the Black women who participated are listed first, followed by the women whose Instagram profiles they spoke from:

Dr. Jessica Shepherd on the Goals of the Campaign

Dr. Charlsie Celestine on the Importance of Representation

Dr. Rachel Bond on Being a Black Woman in Cardiology

Dr. Dawn Brown in Conversation With Dr. Lauren Powell

Dr. Michelle Golla on the Importance of Discussing Race With Kids