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Why You Should Personalize Your Vitamin Regimen

With the help of nurish by Nature Made, we're helping you discover exactly what you need to feel your best.

When it comes to wellness and health, one size just doesn't fit all. Everyone has a unique set of needs that arise from tons of different factors like diet, life stage and lifestyle, health needs — the list goes on. So it's important to remember that your wellness regimen and practices should reflect that special blend of components that make you you. Personalization is the key to meeting the goals you've set for your overall well-being.

Vitamins can play an integral role in so many of the body's functions, so it only makes sense that you'd look to customize the blend you decide to take. Keep reading to find out why your vitamins and supplements should be personalized to your specific needs, then take the nurish quiz to start building out your pack of monthly vitamins and supplements.

Focus In on Topics

Take a moment to think about what you want to focus on in terms of your health. Do you want to get restful sleep? Support a healthy immune system? Support bone health? Well, there are suggested vitamins for each of these topics — and when you personalize your vitamin kit, you can better hone in on specific wellness targets.

For example, nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E all play key roles in supporting healthy skin. Things like vitamin D and magnesium play a role in muscle health, whereas a mineral like zinc helps support a healthy immune system. Each and every vitamin supplement has a purpose, so a personalized system can help you better understand how to make them work for you.

Support Your Specific Lifestyle

Lifestyle choices like the diet you adhere to or the amount of exercise you get have a huge impact on your overall wellness, and should be paired with different kinds of supplements to make sure your body is getting the support it needs. For example, someone who skips yogurt or doesn’t drink milk will likely need to supplement what they eat with more calcium than someone who gets plenty of dairy in their diet. Likewise, vegetarians or vegans may be missing vitamin B12 in their diet since it is a missing nutrient from plant-based foods.

The same goes for people with different exercise plans — it's important to make sure you get the nutrients you need to support muscle health, depending on the intensity of your exercise. These are all things to take into consideration when going through the nurish quiz.

Support Certain Life Stages and Needs

People going through different life stages need their own unique set of tools to help their bodies function as well as possible. It's obvious that a pregnant woman is going to be on a different wellness path than an 80-year-old grandmother — but there are even more stages of development that should be considered.

Think about two women who are the same age, but have completely different lifestyles. A 30-year-old woman who has occasional stress and poor sleep because of an intense job may need something different than another 30-year-old woman who travels the country in an RV. Just because they are the same age doesn't mean there is a one-size-fits-all solution.

The same concept applies for people living with different health needs. For instance, someone concerned about heart health or supporting a healthy mood may need higher levels of one specific nutrient than someone else, even if they are the same age. Personalization is needed to make sure each individual is getting what's right for their lifestyle.

Modify as Your Needs Change

The beauty of being human is that we're constantly changing and evolving — and our wellness needs to change with us. Whether change comes in the form of moving to a new state, starting a family, or even just changing the type of workout you prefer, you can modify your daily wellness practices to support those fluctuations. When you go for a personalized approach to your vitamins and supplements, you can be sure your regimen is evolving alongside you to meet your needs at any given moment.

This information is only for educational purposes and is not medical advice or intended as a recommendation of any specific products. Consult your health care provider for more information.