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Recipes For a potluck

Learn to Carve a Turkey

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Thanksgiving Troubleshooting


Hosting your first Thanksgiving? Use our handy cheat sheet so you buy just the right amount of food! Need help? Don't worry! We have all of the tips and tricks in one place.

Is your turkey still frozen? There's a solution for that.

What to do once you've brined your turkey.

Find out a cooked turkey's internal temperature.

Here's how to carve a turkey like it owes you money.

Will your favorite cranberry sauce just not jell? Don't panic.

Eek — not enough oven space? Here's the fix.

Struggling with a sauce that's too thin? It's all gravy, baby!

Crumbly pie crust can be delicious, but is yours literally falling apart? We'll show you how to keep it together.

Is that dessert of yours beyond salvageable? Here are a few makeshift sweets ideas.

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