'90s Charcuterie Boards Are a Thing, and You Better Believe They Include Dunkaroos

oIf you're anything like me, you love the nostalgic feeling that comes with thinking about the 1990s. It was a decade full of so many great fashions, movies, TV shows, celebrity couples, and, of course, snacks. So when I recently discovered that people are evoking the spirit of the '90s in an extremely adult way — through charcuterie boards — I was immediately on board! I keep spotting charcuterie snack boards on Instagram with '90s favorites like Dunkaroos, Cosmic Brownies, and more, and honestly I need to make one. They look so sophisticated and yet they're full of junk food goodness from childhood. Sign. Me. Up. Check out a few of the ones we've spotted so far, and then try out making your own — just don't forget the Airheads!