Disney Charcuterie Boards Exist, Because Everything Tastes Better When It's Mickey-Shaped

Charcuterie boards most often feature a variety of meats and cheeses, but because some rules are meant to be broken, people have gotten super creative with them in recent months in order to display (and then munch on) both savory and sweet treats. From waffles to pancakes to candy, we're loving them all, but when there's a Disney option? All the others can take a back seat.

From Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes to drinks topped with foamy outlines of the beloved character, people are going all out to make Disney-themed charcuterie boards, and we can't get enough! Disney fans are customizing their boards to fit the occasion, like classic Disney breakfast items for a brunch board or traditional cheese and crackers for a chill game-night board. Oh, and some also features boards, bowls, and trays that are shaped like Mickey! Ahead, see some of our favorite Disney charcuterie boards and get some inspiration for your own.