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Craziest State Fair Foods

These Are the 20 Craziest State Fair Foods, and Yes, There Are Balls of Deep-Fried Butter

When was the last time you went to a good, old-fashioned state fair? Whether you used to go as a kid and have nostalgic memories or you've made it an annual tradition with your family, you have to admit that they're pretty damn fun. Fair games and rides are always worth the excitement, but the most anticipated part of any fair is the unique (and sometimes strange) food options. I mean, is there anything more American than stuffing your face with something deep-fried and covered in sugar? Whether it's Kool-Aid pickles (not kidding) in North Carolina or deep-fried jelly beans in New England, state fairs do not take creative food concoctions lightly. Here are some of the craziest state fair foods that you'll find throughout the US, so get ready to want to try them all and, you know, have your dentist on speed dial.

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