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Nostalgic Summer Bucket List For Adults

This Nostalgic Summer Bucket List Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Nostalgic Summer Bucket List For Adults
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Remember when you were a kid and Summer felt like a big, defining period of time? You had three months of freedom to play in the pool, hang with your best friends, and only come home to grab dinner and snacks before heading out again on your bike. You did crazy stuff, had no real cares in the world, and probably fell in love at least once (like with the boy you thought was your soulmate at 13). Every year had epic moments.

As adults, it's so easy to get caught up in adulting that we forget to actually enjoy those simple pleasures of Summer. But each year can still hold the promise of new experiences, laughter, love, and personal growth — only if we let it.

The best way to do this is to make a conscious effort to live in the moment. This Summer bucket list takes all the things you loved about these months as a kid (sleepover parties with your best friends) and takes them to new adult levels (add booze). With a little creativity, you can have plenty of moments that make you feel like a kid again.

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