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Are Ghostbusters Oreos Real?

Ghostbusters Oreos Might Be a Trick, but You'll Wish They Were Real

We wouldn't exactly put it past Oreo to create a Ghostbusters flavor, but it seems like this announcement of the flavor is simply a Halloween tease. Oreo is never one to shy away from shocking flavors — remember Peeps Oreos? — so when we saw this photo of Ectoplasm Oreos from food blogger The Junk Food Aisle, we couldn't help but gasp! Sadly, however, the Instagrammer claims the flavor is a fake one, writing, "No, these are not real." Talk about a sneaky Halloween trick! A similar prank made the rounds on the internet on April Fools' Day when fake photos of All Stuf Oreos starting circulating. As much as we would have loved to try a Ghostbusters-themed Oreo, maybe this is for the best . . . we're not exactly sure what slimy, green ectoplasm would taste like sandwiched between two cookies.

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