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Italian Dinner Party on a Budget

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Riondo Prosecco

There's nothing like a home-cooked meal to bring your loved ones together. We've partnered with Riondo Prosecco to show you how easy an Italian-inspired dinner can come together this Summer — all without breaking the bank.

Is it just us, or does time truly seem to slow down in the Summer? Workloads get a little lighter, schedules get a little less hectic, and spending time with family and friends makes its way to the top of our priority list. To make the most of the warm weather and the lazy days with loved ones, why not don your chef hat for a night of homemade, Italian-style dining that's as budget-friendly as it is memorable and delicious? From table settings and main course recipes to the perfect bubbly to pair with your al fresco evening, read on to see our can't-miss tips.