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McDonald's Discontinues Hi-C Orange

McDonald's Tragically Announces the Discontinuation of Our Favorite Drink

It's a sad day in the fast-food world, as McDonald's has announced it's phasing out our beloved Hi-C Orange soda. The drink that paired perfectly with a Happy Meal will soon be unavailable from soda fountains at McDonald's locations. We know, it's messed up. McDonald's has tried to assuage our emotions by replacing the drink with a new Sprite TropicBerry starting on May 1.

According to a memo addressed to employees, the drink will be completely removed from locations by July 2017. But WHY?! The memo explains that the "new core beverage" Sprite TropicBerry will take the place of Hi-C because of a new partnership with Coke, and it will be available at McDonald's exclusively. Let's all take a moment to mourn the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst drink.

If you're pissed, you are absolutely not alone! Twitter users are enraged about the replacement of Hi-C Orange and have not held back on social media. Check out some reactions below.

Image Source: McDonald's
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