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Queer Eye Antoni's Best Food Instagrams

The Only Thing More Beautiful Than Queer Eye Chef Antoni Is the Food He Cooks

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Binge-watching the first season of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot was an exceptionally salty experience for me. First, because of all the tears I shed during every. damn. episode. Second, because watching absurdly handsome Fab Five chef Antoni Porowski prepare food with each of the show's makeover recipients always makes me hungry enough to head to the kitchen for a savory snack! So imagine my outrage when people dared to imply that Antoni, my beloved patron saint of avocados and Strokes t-shirts, can't cook. (Cue record scratch noise here.)

Yes, you read that right. People really tried it.

Apparently, because Antoni guides cooking-averse men through simple recipes on Queer Eye, some viewers interpreted that to mean he can't actually cook. Never mind that some of the guys featured on Queer Eye consider Mountain Dew mixed with tequila to be fine dining. Instead, the haters who question Antoni's skills in the kitchen feel that "a real chef" would have taught these men how to make bone marrow foam and grilled cauliflower steaks instead of basic staples (like guacamole or grilled cheese) that they'll actually cook regularly. Sounds logical.

But Antoni isn't one to let the haters sway him. Instead, the foodie of the Fab Five simply lets his cooking speak for itself, courtesy of beautifully styled Instagram photos taken by his proud partner, Joey Krietemeyer. From pan-seared salmon to gourmet beef bourguignon, Antoni's Instagram is filled with photos of the only thing more beautiful than his face: the food he lovingly prepares.

So look out, haters; these glorious meals are your proof (once and for all!) that Antoni can cook.

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