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Skittles Coolers Ice Cream Bars

The UK's Fruity Skittles Ice Cream Bars Are Covered in a Layer of Strawberry Sorbet

Ice cream bars usually go the chocolate route, but Skittles completely flipped that idea upside down with its new frozen dessert. Skittles Coolers have fruity ice cream with little candies mixed in, and each whole ice cream bar is wrapped in a refreshing layer of strawberry sorbet. I'll go ahead and deliver the bad news: these are only available in the UK, where they hit shelves in February. The UK is also the lucky home to "naked" Skittles without a shell, but we're not losing hope that we'll get some unexpected Skittles items stateside. For now, check out the intriguing photos of Skittles Coolers ahead, and make your own Skittles ice cream with our recipe if you really have a craving.

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