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What Do Rose Gummy Bears Taste Like?

Why You Are Going to Want to Put Yourself on the Rosé Gummy Bear Wait List Pronto

Are Sugarfina's Rosé Gummy Bears ($9) as delectable as they sound? The wait list for this coveted candy, made in collaboration with Whispering Angel Rosé, has grown to 12,500 people, yet we were able to sneak a small cube to taste them for ourselves. I also chatted with Jessie Hauspurg, Sugarfina's director of sales and marketing, to discuss how this craze came to be and when fans can expect to score a box for themselves.

Before busting open the box, I asked Jessie how these Rosé Gummy Bears became such a huge, sold-out sensation. She replied, "This was a completely unplanned phenomenon. We loved the idea of creating a Rosé gummy, and Whispering Angel is a close friend of ours. So, we put our heads together to create something we knew we would love as well as our core audience . . . no idea it would catch on this quickly." She attributes it to loyal Sugarfina lovers: "I think our core fans spread the word, and the media frenzy then caught on. Our main goal as a brand is to inspire people to spread sweetness, and what better way to do that then give them a product that they are dying to share with their friends and family?"

Curious about the candy-making process, I asked Jessie to describe the development in more detail, "We came up with the shape and the flavor concept with Whispering Angel and went to our German candy maker to execute this special creation for us." It turns out, real Whispering Angel Rosé is dehydrated into a powder and mixed into the gummy candy for flavor. This process does remove all alcohol (which may be a blessing or a curse, depending on who you talk to). One thing some people may not know is the Rosé Gummies also come in a rose shape (also $9), and while there is a slight color difference between it and the bears, the taste and texture are the exact same.

So now that we had some background, I uncorked a bottle of Whispering Angel and opened up the cubes of gummies for our tasters to try. As someone who doesn't even like gummy candy, I wasn't hopeful but found myself surprisingly liking them! I first noticed the incredible texture. The soft gummy candies practically melt in your mouth. You won't overwork your jaw trying to chew out the gelatin, as is common with some gummy candies. As Whispering Angel implies, the Rosé flavor is subtle — but that isn't to say it's weak. This isn't a Sour Patch Kid trying to shock your taste buds. Rather, these gummies sort of soothe you into a sleepy state of relaxation and end on a crisp note. As for the wine, Giada De Laurentiis once said Whispering Angel is her Summer drink of choice, and I now understand why. The tart minerality and berry flavor will have you involuntarily reaching toward the bottle for another splash. They are the perfect companion to the sweet, chewy gummies.

The rest of the group joined in on the discussion, and while most gave the gummies a perfect five-star rating, others lowered the score with threes, claiming the "whispering" Rosé flavor of the gummies is impossible to make out. Here is a sampling of the comments:

  • "Best gummy ever! Great texture, fruity taste, and so pretty."
  • "Ditto. Literally the best gummy candy I've ever had. So delicious!"
  • "Um, these are everything. Now I want to try freezing them!"
  • "Make me want to keep them forever. Amazing!"
  • "I wanted this to WOW me . . . "
  • "Presentation = 5. Taste = 2."
  • "I'd like a bathtub of these, thanks."
  • "Perfect texture. Sweet and juicy."
  • "I don't even like gummy candy, and I'm about these. The sweet gummies are a perfect pairing with the tart Rosé wine."
  • "Not too sweet. But a lot of hype — not extremely unique."
  • "Not very flavorful, but the Rosé wine is yummy!"
  • "I wish they would replace yellow gummy bears with these! So good!"
  • "Could use a little more Rosé flavor."
  • "Tastes too much like a normal gummy bear."
  • "Tastes normal but ends with a nice, sour finish. Love the aftertaste."
  • "I like the subtle sourness, but I don't get a Rosé hit."

Now that you know the gummies are 100 percent worth the wait, how can you get your hands on them? Jessie said, "We will have availability mid-August if you hop on our website wait list and sign up for a presale."

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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