Air-Fried Oreos Are TikTok's New Favorite Dessert, and Oh Man, We Need a Whole Batch

Folks, I have three drool-worthy words for you: air-fried Oreos. These bite-size treats have been popping up all over TikTok, with users far and wide whipping 'em up at home to satisfy their sweet tooth. Whereas classic deep-fried Oreos involve pancake batter (so messy!) and hot oil (ouch!), this simplified version subs in crescent-roll dough and takes just a few minutes to cook to ooey-gooey perfection in the air fryer. Here's how to make the mess-free, state-fair-worthy snacks at home yourself:

  1. Unroll one sheet of crescent-roll dough and separate at the perforations. Place one Oreo on each triangle-shaped section of dough, and wrap the cookie until it's completely covered.
  2. Place all dough-wrapped Oreos in your air fryer, and cook at 325°F for roughly five to seven minutes. (Note: Temperatures vary across TikTok, and some have cooked theirs on 350°F, too.)
  3. Remove the Oreos, and top with powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk, or whatever other sweet topping you have at your disposal.

I mean, it truly doesn't get much easier than that! Some TikTok users have even kicked the flavor up a notch by swapping crescent-roll dough for cinnamon-roll dough or swiping some Nutella on each Oreo before enveloping them in dough. Watch the videos ahead to see a few batches of melt-in-your-mouth air-fryer Oreos come together, and try your darnedest not to drool all over yourself in the process.