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40 Best Air-Fryer Recipes

40 Genius Air-Fryer Recipes, From Homemade Pop Tarts to Toasted Raviolis

40 Best Air-Fryer Recipes
Image Source: My Forking Life

For anyone who loves the crispiness of fried food but doesn't care for the greasiness that comes with submerging ingredients in a vat of hot oil, an air fryer is a dream come true. Essentially a supercharged convection oven, an air fryer allows you to enjoy food that tastes almost like it was deep fried, but with little or no oil added to the mix. Instead of leaning on hot oil, an air fryer works by circulating super-hot air around the fryer, resulting in that crispy texture you know and love.

This small kitchen appliance has gotten the attention of plenty of celebs like Hailey Bieber (who has an amazing air-fryer chicken-wing recipe) and novice cooks on TikTok because pretty much anything you put inside will come out tasting amazing. So from the looks of it, air fryers are not going anywhere any time soon.

That said, you might be wondering: what, exactly, can you make in an air fryer? If you're already sold on how amazing an air fryer is and are on the hunt for some delicious air-fryer recipes to whip up with your favorite appliance, then you're in luck. We rounded up 40 air-fryer recipes — including plenty of easy air-fryer recipes for beginners — for your frying and dining pleasure.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Lauren Mazzo

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