Aldi's Fruit Wines Cost Less Than $5 a Bottle, and I Need That Sweet Watermelon Flavor

To be honest, I pretty much swore off fruit wine after seeing Moira Rose film her Herb Ertlinger commercial on Schitt's Creek. I know, I know — she's just a pretentious fictional character, so I should hardly let her affect my alcohol preferences; but seeing her gag down one of Herb's sickly concoctions before proclaiming, "This wine is awful. Get me another glass" has really stuck with me. Alas, Aldi just might have the power to change my stubborn mind — and Moira's too, for that matter.

The retailer recently began stocking its shelves with Burlwood Cellars' Pacific Fruit Vineyards wines ahead of the summer season, and they look pretty darn refreshing, if I do say so myself. The subtly fizzy sips currently come in three fruity flavors: Sweet Pineapple, Sweet Peach, and Sweet Watermelon. (A Sweet Apple flavor also popped up last year.) Each bottle contains nine-percent ABV and costs — are you ready for this bargain? — merely $3.50 or $4.50, depending on the location. What a steal!

If that low price isn't enough of an incentive to scoop up a bottle, perhaps some of the passionate social media reviews will convince you to do so. One satisfied Aldi customer wrote on Instagram, "I don't like sweet wines but I loooooove the peach!" while another simply noted, "Just bought this today.... best thing of my life." As David Rose once sarcastically said, that's "a bold claim," but it's one we're willing to believe in the name of cheap wine. Be sure to keep an eye out for that Pacific Fruit Vineyards label next time you're (safely) stocking up on groceries at Aldi.