Aldi's Creamy Coconut Wine Is My Excuse to Sip on Homemade Piña Coladas All Summer Long

Aldi is restocking its shelves with bottles of creamy Petit Coconut Wine, and my taste buds are prepared to take a tropical vacation. The tangy coconut wine has 13.9 percent ABV and is made with a blend of white wine, cream, and rich coconut flavoring, making it delicious on its own — or a great base for piña coladas. Available nationwide for $7 per 750-milliliter bottle, the drink is perfect for serving with pineapple rings and colorful paper umbrellas at BBQs, on picnics, or when you're lounging by the pool in your backyard.

According to, the drink features "aromas of coconut cream and white chocolate cookie" and tastes like "buttermilk pie, coconut macaroon, [and] vanilla yogurt." A drink that sweet is basically dessert in a bottle, and I'm not complaining. Take a closer look at the creamy coconut wine ahead, and add a bottle to your shopping list for your next at-home happy hour as soon as it's available again on April 9.