Kit Kat's New Apple Pie-Flavored Bars Would Pair Perfectly With a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Kit Kat's newest flavor lets you enjoy all the fruity goodness of a freshly-baked apple pie minus the fork, and my tastebuds are highly intrigued. Dessert is a must in my household, but turning on the oven to bake up a homemade dessert in the middle of summer doesn't always sound ideal, so please excuse me while I scribble "pie-flavored Kit Kats" (x10) onto my shopping list.

In place of their traditional milk chocolate coating, the crispy wafers are covered in an apple pie-flavored white chocolate cream and layered with a mixture of pie spices worthy of serving up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The dessert-inspired candy bars will be available for $1 in stores nationwide for a limited time beginning in July. Take a closer look at the sweet snack ahead.