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Archie McPhee Weird Candy Cane Flavors

These Green-and-White Candy Canes Are Actually Kale Flavored, So Let That Sink In

Archie McPhee Weird Candy Cane Flavors
Image Source: Archie McPhee

Candy canes are tired of labels. They no longer want to be stuck in a peppermint-flavored box. They are spreading their wings, embracing not only slightly unexpected flavors (Oreo candy canes? sure!), but also flavors from entirely different worlds of food categories: kale. Ham. Pizza. At least, such is the case over at Archie McPhee, maker of the kinds of candy canes we never asked to find in our stockings as children. You might recall the macaroni-and-cheese-flavored canes that made their internet rounds last year. It's only now that we've discovered the kale, the ham (hamdy canes, of course), and the pizza.

The kale candies promise to offer the "bitter grassiness of your favorite vegetable," while the red-and-yellow-striped pizza candy canes are supposed to taste like "a little slice of Italian-spiced heaven." The pale pink ham candy canes are flavored like . . . "a slice of ham." I'd for sure rather just eat a kale salad than try any of these, but if you're so inclined, shop them for $7 per six-pack ahead.

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