Grab a Spoonful of Nostalgia: 9 Cereals From the '90s, Ranked

There are hundreds of things that define being a '90s kid, and one of them is cereal. Growing up in the '90s most definitely meant you ate sugary cereal for breakfast on the regular, and your parents were 100 percent OK with it . . . for some reason. We're taking a trip down memory lane by reminiscing on — and ranking — the nine best cereals launched in the 1990s, some of which are still around and some of which you'll never have the joy of eating again. And because the next best thing to eating these beloved cereals is getting hit right in the heart with nostalgia for them, we've compiled the iconic commercials that accompanied each cereal back in the day. Get ready for a Rice Krispies Treats cereal craving as you make your way through the best '90s cereals, sorted from worst to best, ahead.

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Sprinkle Spangles

Launched: 1993

In the early '90s, the concept of eating sprinkles for breakfast was pretty revolutionary. Sprinkle Spangles was a short-lived cereal from General Mills, and the sugary concoction featured sugar-cookie-like pieces of cereal covered in colorful sprinkles. Eating this was basically like eating Funfetti cereal for breakfast, and it was one of the most iconic junk-food cereals of the '90s.

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Kellogg's Cinnamon Mini Buns

Launched: 1991

Kellogg's found a way to turn the flavors of a homemade cinnamon roll into tiny circles of cereal coated in glorious cinnamon-sugar swirls, and we'll never forget it.

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Berry Berry Kix

Launched: 1992

Though the original Kix cereal was introduced in the 1930s, Berry Berry Kix didn't come along until 1992. And we'll never see this '90s-influenced commercial air again, but thankfully we can still buy Berry Berry Kix decades later.

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Pop-Tarts Crunch

Launched: 1994

Marketed as "Pop-Tarts for your spoon," Pop-Tarts Crunch was basically every kid's dream come true. Although future kids will never be able to experience the joy of these mini Pop-Tarts, the commercial starring Marla Sokoloff, aka Stephanie's frenemy from Full House, forever lives on.

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Waffle Crisp

Launched: 1996

Remember how you associated Waffle Crisp with those commercials about kids trying to break in to the grannies' top-secret waffle factory? It's even more hilarious when you rewatch it now. Though Waffle Crisp was discontinued at some point, it's still available in some stores, including Walmart.

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Rice Krispies Treats Cereal

Launched: 1993

As a kid, there was truly nothing better than eating Rice Krispies Treats Cereal for breakfast, because it was just an excuse to eat dessert in the morning. And ICYMI, you can still find Rice Krispies Treats Cereal in some stores!

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French Toast Crunch

Launched: 1995

All happy mornings in the '90s probably started with French Toast Crunch. Coming in at the top of our ranking, this General Mills cereal was so beloved that the campaign to bring back French Toast Crunch actually worked in 2014, and it's still available today.

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Reese's Puffs

Launched: 1994

The "Reese's for breakfast" possibility became a reality in the '90s with the launch of the national treasure known as Reese's Puffs. Thank God these are still available in most grocery stores nationwide, because every kid in America deserves the peanut buttery, smooth, and crunchy magic of this cereal.

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Oreo O's

Launched: 1998

Hands down the number one cereal of the '90s was Oreo O's. This hilarious throwback commercial (ahem, with an appearance from Shia LaBeouf) is a reminder of how loved this cereal was from the very beginning. It's not that we'd have shame eating actual Oreos for breakfast, but pouring out the cereal version of Oreos into a bowl makes it that much more acceptable, and we'll never not want to eat these as adults. Post cereals must really care about the well-being of its customers, because the company brought back Oreo O's in 2017, and all is right in the world again.