Why Yes, We Will Be Putting This Caramel-Flavored Marshmallow Fluff on Everything

Don't ask me how or why, but I vividly remember the first time I tried Marshmallow Fluff. Despite my mom's protests, my dad spread a large helping of it on a peanut butter and fluff sandwich to open my eyes into a new world, and things really haven't been the same since. While the classic combo usually features the plain fluff flavor, most fluff fans also know about raspberry- and strawberry-flavored fluff as well. But we're here to report some very important news: there is now caramel-flavored Marshmallow Fluff!

While the product hasn't been spotted in any American grocery store chains yet, don't worry! UK-based snack site GB Gifts sells the marshmallow spread and ships to the US. You can also find it on My American Market, an online store for American groceries that also ships to the US. (Kinda funny how it's marketed as an American favorite but is currently only sold on UK sites, right?) The caramel-flavored Marshmallow Fluff is perfect for making s'mores, cakes, cookies, or just eating by the spoonful, so we'll definitely be ordering multiple containers!