Walmart Is Selling Giant Tubs of Creamy Oreo Mousse, and Cookie Butter Could Never

Oreo cookies could come layered with Nutella, in the form of Oreo cake balls, or transformed into a chocolate mug cake, and I'd still want to devour every last crumb. In snack news that my sweet tooth wholeheartedly approves of, Walmart is selling 16-ounce tubs of Oreo Mousse topped with crunchy cookie crumbles. Instagram user @snackgator was the first to share the dessert find, and someone pass me a spoon ASAP, because I may need several moments alone with this gooey treat.

A spokesperson for Oreo confirmed to POPSUGAR that the mousse, which is available in the refrigerated section for $6, is made with cream cheese, sugar, and crumbly cookie pieces, basically making it the perfect dip for apple slices, pretzels, or more cookies. Now, I wonder what would happen if I popped it in the freezer . . . would it turn into Oreo ice cream? Keep an eye out for the Oreo Mousse dip at grocery stores near you, and take a closer look at the rich treat here. Warning: some drooling may occur.